The Order of DeMolay is an organization for young men from 12 to 21 founded by Frank S. Land in 1919, one hundred years ago. Frank S Land was a prominent Mason and was initiated into the Scottish Rite at the age of 21. Frank was active in his Masonic activities, he became a full-time administrator and secretary in a Scottish Rite temple for the Masonic Relief and Employment Bureau of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, a charity which later became the Order of DeMolay. After World War One Frank endeavored to reach out to young men who had lost their brothers and fathers in the war and started growing interested of the Big Brother Program, which didn’t strike him as what he believed was best for boys. In January of 1919 Frank received a call about a fellow Mason who had recently died and left behind his son Louis Lower. Sam Freet the man who called, was wondering if Frank could act as a mentor to Louis and get him a job and Frank gladly agreed. From then on, he was known as Dad Land, the first advisor of the Order of DeMolay. Still to this day us DeMolays call our advisors Dads and Moms in tribute to Dad Land and his vision. When Dad Land met Louis and spoke with him for the first time was quite impressed with the quality of his character. Louis Lower was the first DeMolay along with 8 other boys who started out the club as a baseball team, that’s why there are 9 essential positions needed for running a meeting. Out of Dad Land’s efforts on March 18, 1919, the Order of DeMolay was officially founded by Dad Land at the age of 28, in commemoration of the day Jacques de Molay died in 1314. Dad Land believed that the organization should be ran by its members, and the only time he spoke was during a motion to limit membership. He pointed out how selfish they were and that they should share this organization with others. They definitely shared. 5 years after DeMolay started there were 1,171 active chapters with 114,798 members. As DeMolay grew so did Dad Land’s commitment, he became fully involved in his once little club which was sweeping across the nation by the thousands. Dad Land was committed to DeMolay until the end of his days. Dad Land called to his wife one night feeling nauseous after 3 months of sickness and on November 8, 1959 spoke his final words “It is the beginning.”


Letter from the Master Councilor


In the last year, Arizona Chapter has gained 7 members. We attended 3 DeMolay installations to which I had a part in all. We did Honor Guard at 4 different lodges. We were able to gain publicity at the Rodeo Parade and Diamondbacks where we flew our banner in front of thousands of people and live TV. Arizona held flags for fallen soldiers at MIAP (Missing in America Project) to honor and respect to those who have served this country by securing a final resting place for those honored heroes. 

For Arizona Chapter’s Day of Comfort, we donated 30 pounds of food to a local community food bank and church. At Tucson Lodge #4 Arizona chapter helped with a POW WOW (Produce On Wheels With Out Waste). We started serving dinner at the Scottish Rite Temple on top of the serving we do at Epes Randolph #32. On Frank S Land day, I gave a presentation at the Scottish Rite and High Twelve in observance of the centennial. 

Arizona Chapter hosted two talent shows last year filled with live music and reception where we made well over 200 dollars. We also hosted a campout at Camp Lawton and we had an airsoft event at freedom airsoft. 

There is no better year to be a DeMolay, for it is our centennial year. We also have plans I expect to carry out for this year, I plan to visit with a Brother from every chapter, as well as post an ad in a newsletter or article, and hopefully I can finally schedule our meeting with the Mayor maybe even on DeMolay Day (March 26th). Ritual is my focus for this term, so I also plan to have a Ceremony of Light. 

It is amazing how much positivity this organization brings to the table. You join the Order of DeMolay as a boy and evolve into a young man as time goes by. The virtues you live by as a DeMolay set you on the right path for excellence. DeMolay is an organization dedicated to preparing young men to lead successful, happy and meaningful lives. DeMolay instills a sense of personal responsibility and an appreciation of civic engagement in all its members. Young men learn the importance of team work, and the patience, drive and determination it takes to be a leader. Participating in DeMolay helps members become more confident and self-assured. Important bonds of friendships are made and alumni often speak of the life-changing benefits they gained from their involvement in DeMolay. With more than 90 years after it was established, DeMolay continues to make a difference in the lives of its members and in cities and towns around the world.

If there is one thing that I have learned in DeMolay it is that it changes your life, for the better. So, Brethren if you have a son or a nephew between the ages of 12 – 21, or if you know someone who does, Arizona Chapter would love to have them. 

For any further information contact me at: [email protected] or (520) 338-1218 

To contact the chapter chairman: [email protected]


Alexander Samuel 

Arizona Chapter Master Councilor